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Since moving to Maine, I've had a great time getting involved in creative projects in my community. One project was helping with planning and facilitating Fiber College of Maine. The featured Artists for 2014 were the famous Quilters from Gee's Bend, Alabama. It turned out to be so much more than anyone expected!!


After spending many months preparing for the arrival of Miss Revil Mosley, Miss China Pettway and Miss Stella Mae Pettway,
we thought we knew what to expect. 


When the ladies stepped into the tent to begin their workshop 

they began to sing. 


Everything stopped.... the crisp autumn air took on a different quality as if charged with spirit. You could see by the expressions of the students, sitting with their sewing machines they were ready for a day of stitching fabrics into quilt tops, they weren’t expecting this!


I’m making a documentary film  about the Gee’s Bend project entitled
"Do It your way."


The film will explore the connections made on the beautiful, rocky coast of Maine. Connections of heart, home, and history, shared by women from two very different worlds.


I already have photos and film taken during the event but to be able to delve deeper to tell the whole story I’lll need to travel to Alabama.


I’m using an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to ask for contributions to fund a 2 week trip from Maine to Gee’s Bend Alabama. My husband Nick (sound engineer) and I will be driving so we can carry cameras, sound equipment and lighting rig with us along with a box of donated fabric for the Quilters. Miss Revil spoke several times about having to get her family out of Jail during cilvil rights protests. We will also be able to visit Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham to get more background information about that time in history.


When the film is finished we’ll have the premiere during this year’s Fiber College in September. I also plan to enter it in film festivals throughout the country. 


In preparation for this project I have already spent a week at Maine Media working with Jack McDonald on writing and developing the documentary. Audio recording equipment has been purchased and I’ve subscribed to Adobe for state-of-the-art film editing software. As a member of several film organizations I’m connecting with other independent film makers and learning about distribution. I’m also writing several grants for the production of the film.


Travel and lodging for the 2 week, 3500 mile trip will cost about $4000.

As you may know, I care for my mother who has dementia. At this point she needs 24 hour care. Now that I live in Maine I don’t have family nearby to pitch in. I’ll need to arrange for Mom to stay with a respite caregiver. This is not covered by any type of insurance so we have to pay out of pocket and costs about $200/day, bringing the total cost of the trip to $6,8000!


It’s really hard for me to ask for help of any kind.
Making this film is one of the most exciting and important things of my life, I would be so grateful if you will consider supporting me in this project. Along with my undying gratitude, I’ve arranged perks as a thank you for your contribution.


Along with my undying gratitude, I’ve arranged perks as a thank you for your contribution.


$10 Thank you! You will get a Shout Out on the "Do it your way!" Face Book Page.


$25 Do it Your way Package You'll receive a "Do it your way!" limited edition film poster and a Thank You Card.


$50 Director's Package You'll receive the limited edition film poster and a free link to download the film when it's finished.


$100 Deluxe Director's Package You'll receive the Director's Package, have your name listed in the credits of the film Plus a limited edition DVD


$250 Special Director's Package You'll receive the Deluxe Director's Package, and invitation to be our honored  guest at the premiere showing, scheduled for September 2015 in Searsport, Maine


$500  Sail Away Director's Package You will receive the Deluxe Director's Package and a full day of Sailing on TAKI TAKI, a 34' Catalina sloop rigged sailing vessel on Beautiful Penobscot Bay in Maine, complete with catered Gourmet lunch and beverages. 


$1000 Associate Producer You will receive the Sail Away Director's Package plus be listed as Associate Producer of the the film.


For more information go to our Indiegogo page

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Crowd Funding Video Ever since returning from a week at Maine Media I'm totally immersed in Filmmaking! I've added some audio equipment to my stash and downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. 

As my first project I have the privilege of working with Kimberly Callas in creating a crowdfunding video for

Kimberly is a sculptor living in nearby Brooks, Maine. Her current project is called  "Portrait of the Ecological Self." She does amazing work with human form combined with materials from Nature. 

I went to Kimberly's studio one day to capture the interview part of the video. Then Nick and I visited the Callas family at their totally awesome, off-the-grid home to record 13 year old Jacob performing one of his original compositions entitled "Harbor Walk". The music created a beautiful backdrop for the interview and photos of Kimberly's work and home.

We're pretty happy with the way it came out. We hope it does the trick in bringing her funding to cast her work in resin or bronze.

Take a look at the result, then let me know what you think!



[email protected]


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Penobscot Bay Stewards are accepting applications for 2015  

The Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition and the Maine Coastal Program is offering the Penobscot Bay Stewards program to residents of Midcoast Maine.

The program will run morning through afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays from April 28 through May 28.

Leading authorities will give presentations and lead field trips.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Penobscot Bay History
  • Marine Life
  • Island Ecology
  • Coastal Land
  • Fisheries
  • Auquaculture
  • Water Quality
  • Conservation Issues
  • The Penobscot Nation
  • Intertidal and Marine Habitats

Classroom presentations and short hikes in nature preserves, state parks and field trips to towns surrounding Penobscot Bay.

The course is FREE however participants are expected to volunteer 30 hours to local conservation efforts of their choice during the coming year. Ample selection of possible projects will be provided in class.

The course is limited to 20 enthusiastic participants who will participate in the entire program.

For more information email [email protected] or download an application at

see the video below.


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What are Alewives? Being new to the Maine Coast, I enrolled in a wonderful program to learn more about my new home. Penobscot Bay Stewards is created by the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition, each May new stewards travel to many sites in and around Penobscot bay to learn about the history, culture, environment of the bay.

This week we traveled to Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder to learn about the Alewive run.

What are Alewives?? I had never heard of them! The stewards learned how important Alewives are to the food chain and overall health of the ecosystem of the bay and beyond!

A member of the Herring family, Alewives migrate from the ocean each spring to spawn in lakes. Damariscotta has maintained a fish ladder to help them accomplish their journey in spite of dams that have powered mills since the early European settlements. A recent effort to completely restore the fish ladders has just been completed and the Alewives are running! WHAT A HOOT!

This weekend ( Memorial Day Weekend) they are celebrating with a

Fish Ladder Restoration Festival

If you happen to be in Maine for the long weekend be sure to put this on you MUST SEE list!

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Seeger Sessions- Lifestyle Photography for the Holidays It's the Holiday Season and the perfect time to

capture moments that will become memories for a lifetime.

I'm now offering Seeger Sessions - Lifestyle Portraits for Family, Engagement, Maternity, Children or Pets! Taken in your home or your favorite location, lifestyle photography captures the look and tells the story of your life.

I know many people are self-conscious about having their photo taken,

Staged portraits with a fake background in uncomfortable clothes with bright lights and silly props are what many were forced to endure as children or spouses to obtain the "perfect" family portrait. In a studio at the mall where the next family was waiting with crying babe just outside the curtain while being coached to tilt your head in awkward and uncomfortable contortions and SMILE!

Whew! In a Seeger Session it's  just you.... being you!

There are three different Seeger Sessions, Short, Medium and Long.

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